Hi! Thanks for checking out my website. My name is Sara and I am the one behind the camera. I’m a new mama to my amazing son, Carter! My husband and I welcomed him into the world last October and our hearts have never been the same. Each day with him is precious and watching him grow has been the joy of my life.

My favorite way to relax is to put on some comfy yoga pants and watch movies with my husband… it’s usually Harry Potter! Even though I’m kind of a homebody, I still love to go out with my girlfriends and have a wine night. I also enjoy a good road trip, taking in the landscape while listening to music is my favorite way to travel.

I’ve had a passion for capturing beautiful moments even as a little girl. I’d go on adventures with my hot pink, 35mm Barbie Camera and try to encapsulate on film the image my eyes were naturally seeing. 

My favorite part of working with my clients is that often, they become my good friends. I get to watch families grow! From engagements, to maternity shoots, to first family photos, and beyond. I truly consider it an honor to document people’s lives. Even though time passes between each of those phases, I always want the style of my photos to feel timeless. I want to capture you at your most natural, which means less awkward poses and more fun during shoots!

So let’s start having that fun and documenting your own journey with the people you love most!